Why us?

After 20 years in banks and 20 years for banks in various positions, I gathered experience which I love to share to help people and organizations improving their performance.

I meet many competent persons and work with a few of them on a regular basis. They are specialised professionals.

I am mainly involved in the financial services industry, in training, consultancy, coaching, mentoring, conferences, authoring …. and having fun even when covering prevention of money laundering, compliance, branding, marketing…you name it.

The greatest added value I offer is a knowledge structure in a number of subjects which catch my attention day after day and sometimes at night.

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The likeability factor (continued)

You will remember from my last article that “Fourth Impact” attracted my attention in the...

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Have fun in remembering things! We distinguish three stages in memorisation: the sensitive memory, the...

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Et pourquoi pas ?

As you may have noticed my articles are mostly related to marketing, more specifically branding, economics...

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Leadership versus the perfect robot manager

A few years ago, students at UBI (United Business Institute in Brussels) where given the...